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Our Mission

V.Wright & Associates has a simple mission: to provide solutions that make it easier for people to do their jobs!

This mission statement is grounded in the following two beliefs:

For more than two decades, we have supported organizations confronted with people issues. These issues are often created by organizational changes (including technological and process changes), talent management, and sometimes both.

Our company’s foundation is built upon providing people-focused solutions to support people during organizational changes. We create plans aimed at developing high-performance employees.

C.E.O. Vivian Wright

Vivian Wright has over 30 years of experience in adult training and managing organizational change. Early in her career, Vivian worked as a college instructor and later as a project manager for a software development firm in Alaska. Her favorite task as a project manager was managing the change around software implementations.

In 1990, Vivian began developing transition strategies, using the tools and skills she perfected over the years to help corporations minimize negative impacts associated with changes in their organizations.

In Vivian’s spare time, she satisfied the U.S. Coast Guard requirements to captain any vessels of up to 100 tons. Vivian and her husband continue to explore U.S. rivers and the U.S. Intercoastal Waterway in their boat, the “Bird of Prey.”

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